Lola Language School, Salamanca, Spain

Lola Language School, Salamanca, Spain

New College Pontefract

A Level Spanish  23.02.25 - 01.03.25


£300.00 - 20 September 2024

£260.00 - 29 November 2024

£260.00 - 31 January 2025

Trip Code:



Spanish A-level

Visit To:

Lola Language School, Salamanca, Spain

Departure Date:

Sun 23rd Feb 2025 (TBC depending on flights)

Depart Time:

03.45 (TBC) from New College, Pontefract

Return Date:

Sat 1st March 2025 (TBC depending on flights

Return Time:

20.00 (TBC) to New College, Pontefract


£820 (NB in the unlikely event that the Ryan Air flights cost more than our allocated flight budgeting per person, then it would be necessary to increase the overall cost of the trip to cover the shortfall; similarly, the overall cost would be reduced if they are cheaper)

Additional Consent Form Required:


Payment Deadline Date: by 31st January 2025 (initial deposit required by 20th  September 2024)

DEPOSIT of £300 by 20th September (to cover the purchase of flights)*

Followed by £260 by 29th November and a final payment of £260 by 31st January 2025



Following five fantastic trips to Salamanca by A-level Spanish students from New College Pontefract, I am really pleased to be able to offer again the opportunity to participate in this study trip to the beautiful, historic city of Salamanca to the highly regarded Lola Language School. The purpose of the visit is to improve fluency and comprehension in Spanish through immersion in the language as well as developing a better cultural understanding.

Accommodation will be with host families on a full-board basis in groups of two or three students from New College. Families are very carefully selected by the language school and live within a short walk of the language school. They cater carefully for all dietary needs and allergies. Students will be accompanied on the trip by Ruth Inkley and Sarah Browne, our two Spanish teachers at NCP. Students receive 16 hours of Spanish tuition in the mornings in small groups; students find these lessons enjoyable and stimulating, giving a valuable boost to their language skills.

They offer us a tailor-made course covering topics and grammatical structures in the A-level course. A number of organised activities will be arranged in the afternoons / evenings in order to sample Spanish culture such as a tapas tasting session, a Flamenco lesson, tours of the city of Salamanca and its cathedrals and a workshop on the Civil War. During our transfer back to Madrid Airport, we also hope to enjoy a brief visit to the Spanish Capital and visit the famous art gallery, The Reina Sofia, which houses Picasso’s Guernica painting.


The trip has been planned carefully to give maximum benefit to Year 13 students shortly before their final A-level oral exam aiming to boost their speaking fluency and confidence by interacting daily with native speakers and also improving their listening skills, which is a key skill in the A-level written paper. It is early enough in the year to not interfere too much with their other subjects or final revision.

The cost of the trip will be £820 – the only extra money required will be pocket money for snacks, presents and food on the journey etc. Hopefully, as explained on the previous page, the total cost can be reduced somewhat once the flights have been purchased as we have been able to do on the last two trips.  


*The deposit of £300 is taken as a firm commitment to taking part in the visit and is as such non-refundable as the flights will be purchased with the deposit money. If a student drops out of the trip once the flights have been purchased, there may be additional costs to pay should a replacement not be found or any incurred name change charges as due to the nature of low-cost air-fares the full cost of the flight may not have been covered by the deposit. Please consider all payments as non-refundable. 


The College provides standard travel insurance cover for all college trips/visits in respect of personal accident/injury and damage to/loss of property. Additional travel insurance may be taken out if so desired by individual families. 


Students and their families are responsible for ensuring each student has a valid passport for travel to Spain (and visa if necessary) and a valid GHIC card.


To ensure flights are booked with the correct names, please can a copy of each student’s current passport be given to Ruth, their Spanish teacher, when they have paid their deposit. It doesn’t matter at this stage if the passport will need to be renewed before travel, as it is just to ensure the names on the flight booking are correct.


Please return the attached additional consent form to Ruth once your deposit has been paid and by the deadline above (20th September). All payments for this trip will be taken using the new College on-line shop and you may start making payments as soon as you wish, as long as each instalment deadline is met. Failure to pay the full amount of the trip by the final payment deadline (31st Jan 2025), will result in the student not being able to participate and no monies already paid will be refunded.   


All college work missed during the trip must be made up at the initiation of the student immediately upon returning to college. 



Yours faithfully 




Ruth Inkley – Trip Organiser and NCP Teacher of Spanish




1st Instalment due by 20/09/24

2nd Instalment due by 29/11/24

3rd Instalment due by 31/01/25